The Singing Frog. Alternate Title: Angry Baby has you all fooled.

Snitches get cut, chumps! - Angry Baby

This past weekend we had an event where Angry Baby was the center of attention. I won’t bore you with the details, but the situation required Angry Baby to get up in front of a group of people and read her haftarah be sweet and quiet. For weeks, I had been practicing 5 minutes of good behavior in one stretch. Angry Baby was unsuccessful in each attempt.

The morning of the public shaming in waiting, came. I paced and nerved myself into a knot of stress and anxiety. We arrived, waited and then it was showtime.

I braced myself for a huge meltdown that would be amplified by hundreds of people laughing at our screamin’ demon.

Angry Baby, once “on stage” in front of an entire congregation of people…transformed. Gone were the wiggles, grunts, claws and yells of just a few minutes prior. In their place appeared giggles, smiles and laughs, as if by magic!

The crowd began to oooh, ah and sigh at what an adorable little cherub this baby was, that’s when  Angry Baby hit them with the knockout adorability punch, she WAVED AT THEM.

Laughs and smiles busted throughout, I watched as the child I stressed and worried over going nuclear, held hundreds of people in the palm of her tiny waving hand.

Of course, once she was no longer “in the spotlight,” the magical spell broke and I was back in the trenches, fighting the toughest baby on the block.

But for that sweet, short moment, she was good as gold.

As we left, I was mobbed by 4 very old women, each had to hold and tell me what a “happy baby,” I had. “She’s just a perfect little doll!” A gentleman cooed as he walked by. Angry Baby once again, hit the bricks and sent her sweet stunt double in…I was left with a giggling, waving, laughing, ham. She knew how to work the room and kept it goin’.

Real talk: If I’d have told those people my daughter’s nickname was “Angry Baby,” they would have called Child Protective Services on me for being INSANE.

When we were driving off, as she grunted and growled in the back seat, Lover fo’ Life and I laughed all the way to Smashburger: This kid knows how to lay it on when she needs to!

It’s like that old Warner Brothers cartoon, the one with the singing frog. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a moment to watch the cartoon, now…you can read on once you’ve finished! Simply click on the link below…

I feel like this cartoon is my life. Do you know how many strangers worship my “Happy Baby?” And the grandparents? Every last one of them has joked that we were making this whole “Angry Baby” business up.

We’re not. I promise. La Bambina, she is how you say? Hot tempered. Unlike Levar Burton, you WILL have to take my word for it!

Speaking of, in honor of TUES-the Extreme Day, here’s MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE EPISODE OF READING RAINBOW!!!! THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!!!!!!!!! I dedicate this to my homies from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School!  Double shout out to Run DMC RIP JAM MASTER JAY!!!


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