A guy drives in to a Waffle House…

Extremely Crappy Day at Work = A Town Mourns.

Charles Patrick O’Bryan of Panama City Florida, is a horrible, horrible man. Yesterday he tried to call his wife and speak with the lady at her place of business. Well, because she is a waitress, and everyone knows they never have “down time,” he didn’t get a chance to talk with her. After repeated attempts, he finally told an employee he was going to “run his truck through the building and kill everyone.”

The dipwad drove through the Waffle House, where his wife Danielle Gibbons, was working. He hit her and the injuries were minor. No one else was hurt at all. The nuttier part is when this piece of crap got out of his truck, he brandished a knife on top of HITTING HIS WIFE WITH A TRUCK BY DRIVING THROUGH A BUILDING.

He was subdued by a witness and was arrested where hopefully, he will rot in jail forever.

Harassing his wife? Making terroristic threats? Both awful. Hitting your wife with a truck and trying to kill her? Unforgivable! And on top of that all, he MURDERED a WAFFLE HOUSE.

Waffle House, for those of you unaware, is like a delicious church for breakfast food. Waffle House, much like the skanks at Fleet Week, never closes. When traveling in the south, no matter where you are or what time it is, you are never far from the smothered, scattered and covered hash browns of golden delight, the Waffle House offers.

Except for the poor people in Panama City, Florida. Charles Patrick O’Brien took that away from them. You know, it’s times like this I wish Florida were Texas, we’d have him on death row in 10 minutes for harming a Waffle House. Greasy Breakfast joints are sacred to my people.



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  1. Waffle house will rebuild and it will better and greasy then ever. Hash browns must continue to be served. I am all about the scattered, covered, smothered delightful goodness.

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