$350 Pair of Sweatpants. Alternate title: Aw HAIL NAW!

Apparently 2011 is the YEAR OF THE novelty jean. Between Jeggings, the leggings made to look like blue jeans, glow in the dark jeans, and the PAJAMA JEAN, a regular pair of dungarees just can’t catch a break.

The fine folks at Diesel have taken the jean gimmick to a new low, and by low I mean: they’ve delivered a ridiculous punch to the wallet and eyes.

Introducing: JOGGS! The jean/sweatpants hybrid.

I know what you’re thinking: Crib Keeper, that’s incredible. The look of a jean, with the comfort of a sweat pant!

Before you start making plans to belly up to Bob’s Big Boy Buffet with a pair of these uglies beauties, there’s one little thing you should know…THEY COST 200-350 BUCKS A PAIR.

Look, I’m all about livin’ the SNUG LIFE: comfortable and easy, with as few binding garments as possible…but this is too much.

For starters:

1. The Joggs for women models look like Angry Baby when she’s got a “full load on deck,” if you know what I mean. What I’m trying to say is: JOGGS LOOK LIKE YOU BE PACKING SHEEEEET.

2. TWO-HUNDRED dollars!? That’s 10 pairs of yoga pants. Yoga pants are MY sweatpants. I lurve them, there’s just something about loungewear named after an exercise. Plus they make your buns look better than a diaper full of dookie.

Stupid Fashion Slaves of the World: SKIP THIS NONSENSE!

If you want to look like a lazy fool, take a tip from me…

Not showering and eating Twinkies is much cheaper.



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