Beach, Please

Yesterday, the Rooster, Angry Baby and I hit the beach. This was Angry Baby’s first trip to the water and as with everything AB related, it was a crapshoot if she would love or violently hate the sun, surf and sand.

Ever the optimists, Rooster and I packed the car (as if we were going away on a 2 week vacation.) Revved up the good conversation and got on the road. Angry Baby was in a great mood prior to the car ride, as she LURVES her some Rooster, and she slept the whole way down, I woke her as we unloaded the car at our destination.

Once the mountain of baby gear was outta the car, we began the arduous task of sunblocking and dressing Angry Baby for the water, a 4-step process that I will break down for you now:

1. Remove regular diaper and Angry Baby’s clothing .

2. Stuff wiggling child into a “Lil’ Swimmers” Swim Diaper. Listen to screams from the doomed elastic sides of her (too)Lil’ Swimmer and realize you need to buy a size up next time.

3. Slather child in SPF 5000…if done correctly your child will be livid and the application process will mirror that of greasing a FURIOUS pig.

4. Dress child in elaborate sun-shielding ensemble. This, like step #4, takes 2 people.

Once prepped and schlepped, my little Jacques Cousteau in training, was ready for the water. We sat at the water’s edge on the sand and watched the waves sneak closer. She started in my lap, the water as if on cue, washed over us. She let out a gasp of surprise and her eyes became the size of sand dollars

I resisted my urge to react, she calmed down as we sat in the waves, Angry Baby relaxed and began to crawl around in the surf. Once she felt the wet sand under her hands, she lit up and began grabbing at the muddy gritty paradise. Angry Baby laughed and started scooping up full fists of sand. As with all things she puts in her meaty mitts, the sand was crammed in her growling maw.

“You’re not supposed to eat the sand.”

Angry Baby threw me a tiny side-eye, and spit the muck out. As luck would have it, wet sand-sludge is rocket fuel to lil’ crawling cuties. Angry Baby bolted and didn’t stop until I caught her.

Livin' it up.

We went back to the water, she insisted on crawling towards the deeper water. She laughed, got salt water in her eyes, and decided the salty sea was so delightful, she wanted to drink it all.

To say Angry Baby loves the beach and water like her mom, is a safe assumption at this point. In addition to her awesome babywrangling assistance and facilitation of fun, the Rooster took a big ol’ mess of photos documenting the joy.

After about an hour, I dried, changed, fed and put my little seafarer back in her car seat. Still drunk with the excitement of the ocean, she was asleep instantly. There’s nothing like a little fun in the sun and saltwater to put a baby out like a light.

Here are just a few photos documenting our adventure in the out-of doors.

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