Extreme Foolery

Karen Walker- eats her cereal with Bailey's. Bow Down!

This morning, I saw a commercial for a product so ridiculous, I thought it was a fake Saturday Night Live commercial…I need you to watch this, you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about.

Attention Bailey’s and Makers of Bailey’s non-alcoholic coffee creamers:

You don’t really think people love the TASTE of Bailey’s Irish creme, do you? Ouch, I guess you do. That makes me sad guys. Real Talk: your product tastes like it sprang from Satan’s teat.

Bailey’s is beloved because it’s a sweeter, less-horrible tasting version of booze. It’s easier to swig down for those who don’t like the taste of poison alcohol. Ladies like it cuz it’s smooth, dudes like it because ladies will drink it.

Look Bailey’s let me break it down for you, this is a terrible idea. No one is going to buy it. You’re basically laughing in the face of those of us who utilize your product most.

The whole purpose of putting Bailey’s in your coffee is to get tanked booze in your system as early as possible, and not look like a raging alkie while you do it.  And now you’ve introduced a line of Bailey’s flavored non-alcoholic creamers.

Let me be the first to say, Thanks a lot jerks.  

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