Angry Baby’s First Word

I've got something to say!

2 weeks ago, Angry Baby started repeating the sound “ma” and “da” in unintelligible rambling strings of vocalization:  “mamamamamamamamamamamamamama” and “dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada.”

Lover fo’ Life and I were excited she could make the sounds, but we had no delusions, she didn’t have a clue as to what she was saying.

This past weekend, while she was at her grandma’s she said: “mama.” I was excited, because she knew the word! It was obvious though that, she didn’t equate “mama” with her actual mama.

Yesterday, I laid her down, and as usual, she was fighting the nap like Johnny Depp fights the hot. Because I’ve become immune to Angry Baby’s usual ranting and raving at sleepy time,  I turned and walked out.  That’s when I heard what I thought was “mama.”

I whipped back and surveyed my crying child, she directly looked at me and said, “mama,” and then she held her arms up for me to pick her up.

This is the part of the story when I get my solid gold “hard-mom” chops..

I did pick up my “mama” calling, nap-avoiding daughter. I kissed Angry Baby quickly, reassured her with a “yes, I am mama,” and put her back down to sleep.

After she awoke from her nap (Nap War winner= ME!!) Angry Baby resumed her dedicated attempt at walking.  As is par for the course with lil’ explorers, she tumbled and bumped her noggin on the baby gate. This made her both MAD and SAD. I wasn’t fast enough in aiding her, because she began to cry, and mutter “mama” between her sobs. How interesting, I thought, this child only calls out for me when she’s miserable. And so the mother-daughter relationship complexities begin.

Oh sure, “mama” is the start, next up she’ll say, “dada” (with a huge smile no doubt.) Angry Baby lurves her Dada, she’s always happy to see him. The highlight of her day is playtime with Pops. Only time she’s Angry Baby for dada? When he’s letting me sleep in.

Tip o’ the Stetson to you, Angry Baby! You’re of the talking humans now!

Tip o' the stetson, lil' cutie!

And just because some of you might be interested…

Let the record state that there is nothing as simultaneously heartbreaking and incredible as comforting a child who knows your name.


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  1. YOU think they’re a time warp. Think about how Uncle A-Ball feels, having not seen AB or CK, or L4L in weeks! She’s probably already tying her shoes!

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