Cee Lo is cool enough to orchestrate a Jaleel White comeback.

Oh yes, he DID do that!

NEW CEE LO VIDEO TIME! The latest release off of his monster hit, The Ladykiller, is a song called “Cry Baby” and today he dropped the vid for it. As is everything from my beloved bear with vocal chords of honey, it rules.

But I do have to say one thing…WHERE’S CEE-LO!?

Look Urkel, I loved you in Family Matters, I even enjoyed your bit part in Big Fat Liar, the Frankie Muniz movie and guilty pleasure of mine. But why are you lip synching the words that should be coming out of my beautiful treasure Cee Lo? Other than missing the proper leading man, the video is adorable and upbeat, just like the song.

Hat’s off to the great talent that is Cee Lo Green, you are cooler than the fridge, and your coolness by proxy makes Jaleel White, AKA Steven Urkel, positively frosty once again.

Lookin’ good Jaleel, you lookin’ fine as one Stephan Urquel, the alter-ego you so cleverly portrayed. You truly were the Sidney Poitier of annoying sit-com teen neighbors. Take that, Kimmy Gibbler.

I’m a Cee LoVER! The entire Ladykiller album is the jaaaam. Real Talk: I sing “Cry Baby” to Angry Baby when she’s being whiny, and it almost always makes her smile.

Speaking of Smile, that’s what I did when I got this in my inbox this morning, a photo of my man Cee RAWKING it at Lollapalooza this weekend.



And let me be the first to welcome back Jaleel White from the throngs of obscurity. Nice to see you again, Urkel, er Steve, er Jaleel.


Cee Lo is cool enough to orchestrate a Jaleel White comeback. — 2 Comments

  1. You’re going to set a record for Steve Urkel photos leading a blog post.

    Slightly upset — despite all the Urkel — that no video of “Do The Urkel” has been posted.

    You also need to catch up with Waldo and find out what he’s doing these days and how the heck did he wind up not getting a role on “The Wire” as they were hiring every black actor in the world.

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