The Shady Muffin Adult Daycare Rest Home

The Crib Keeper's Mother (not pictured.)

As I vaguely referenced last week, my mom has been sick for a while now. She is a school teacher, who’s fully set on returning to her students in 2 weeks. For the past coupla and for the next two weeks, my mother is joining us during the weekday.

She’s in a wheelchair and has a broken shoulder, so Mom’s down to pretty much just one arm. The doctors felt she needed to be with someone at all times, and being the saintly child I am, I volunteered to help. The days she doesn’t come, my younger sister, who is also a school teacher, goes to my folk’s house and helps her out.

Each weekday I’m up at 5:30am with Angry Baby, my Dad drops Mom off soon afterwards and I have a full day babywrangling, Mom-helping and writing. It’s temporary, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the most out of this unexpected time with my mother.

I call my house “The Shady Muffin Adult Daycare Rest Home.”

The motto at The Shady Muffin? “We beat.” 

The Shady Muffin Adult Daycare Rest home is a full-service facility that cooks, cleans, assists and entertains all residents. It is run by the proprietor and director, me.

It’s only fitting that I’m blessed with the angriest baby this side of the Pecos, who by the way,  doesn’t believe in stopping movement, ever. I get that, it’s my lot in life for being so horrid as a child. But now, I have my moving and grooving little grouch, and my sick mom.

Needless to say, my days are filled with me being a saint and giving endlessly, never stopping to think of myself and helping all in my sight. My disposition is a constant pleasant and positive. Ever-upbeat and quick to get things taken care of.

And they say Hell isn’t on Earth.

Are there days I lament my existence amidst the workload I’m carrying right now? No. I don’t have energy to pity myself. Besides, this is bonus time Angry Baby gets to spend with her grams. Plus: she sees Angry Grandpa AKA her favorite person in the world, TWICE A DAY! I also have the peace of mind knowing that my mother is getting the finest care possible from ME. With a reserved right to beat as I see fit.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help. Once my Mom’s back in the classroom in a few weeks, it’ll be back to normal around these parts, so while it may be extra long days for yours truly, it’s temporary.

As a self-proclaimed narcissist there are times when I imagine a halo on my heart and want start bragging to about how awesome I am. But you see, I’m naturally an awful person, a true villain to the core. This do-goodery and inner peace is obviously a side effect from having a kid. I’ll chock it up to hormones.

At least that’s what I’m going to tell Lord Voldemort when I have my quarterly review.

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