Super Awesome Mail-Order Wacky Japanese Candy Subscription Fun-time!!!


Another day, another morning closer to the Christmas shopping season.  But worry not, I’m here to help.

This morning, I have a SWEET way to start your day kiddies.

Looking for the perfect gift that keeps on giving for your beloved? Might I suggest a subscription to Candy Japan!

Hey Crib Keeper, what’s that?

For $23.95 a Finnish dude who is living in Japan will send you (or whatever address you tell him to!) an envelope filled with random japanese candy TWICE A MONTH. No matter where you are located in the world, the postage is covered in the monthly rate.

Bizarre, adorable, Japanese candy in my mailbox every two weeks for a meager $23.95 a month? Seems like a bargain.

Real Talk: I’m down for whatever, as long as the candy isn’t squid flavored. That being said, there are some wacky candy flavors in Japan. Why, just by my bedside I currently have a bouquet of pansy flavored Japanese candy, and in case you were wondering, the pansies are delicious.

Check it up!

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