Ghost Host Guest Post by Mojo: Quick ‘Magic’ Tricks!

Get a load of this big boy!

The Crib Keeper has had a lot to say about how perfect I am. “Mojo is Magic” she says.

Well, she’s full of it. That’s all you need to know.

But because everyone deserves to have their friends call them magic once in a while, I’m going to share a few tricks.

Here are a few recipes that I tried recently (as in currently have leftovers in my fridge that I intend to devour as soon as I’m done typing this).

Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos

This recipe is divine. It’s sinfully good, and soooo easy to make. Thanks to pinterest (obsessed) I am now following Andie Mitchell at Can You Stay for Dinner? because she is as awesome as her pork tacos. I will make these again and again. And I will lustily eat them every single time. SO GOOD.

(Editor’s Note: I was lucky enough to eat these delights at Mojo’s the other night, they RULE! Even Lover fo’ Life LURVED THEM!)

And for your sweet tooth…


Just do yourself a favor and whip up a batch. Some of the directions seemed tricky when I read through- but because I trust the Pioneer Woman enough to raise my child (if only she would!) I tried them anyway and they proved to be really easy. And, I didn’t really put 100% into making the clarified butter and they still turned out AMAZING!!! I added equal parts vanilla and almond extracts because I’m in love with almond everything and they were so so so sooooo good!! I was just sitting on my couch about 15 minutes ago, eating my sixth cookie for the day. It’s only 2:00pm. They are so amazing.

And finally, a super simple recipe without a link, because I just winged this one morning… I had a bottle of peach nectar in my fridge (from some long forgotten about Bellini recipe I never tried) and some mint leaves from last night’s salad, so naturally…

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Directions: Soak four of those huge family-sized iced tea bags in about three cups of boiling water for maybe about 20 minutes… then add a bottle of peach nectar (I think mine was about 20 oz) and then fill the rest of the gallon pitcher up with water. Chill, and when you’re about to serve, tear up a handful of mint leaves… drop them in and stir. Pour in a glass filled with ice, and then watch your friends’ amazement at what you have created.

Very simple, not too sweet, and pretty. Those mint leaves just look so high-class I almost forgot I was in my backyard watching my son play in a kiddie pool with a poopy little swimmer diaper… I may as well have been at The Four Seasons, poolside. It would probably be amazing with a shot or two (or four) of vodka or rum… mmmmm… my evening plans are starting to take shape. Evening started at 3:00 pm, right? Thought so.

Enjoy y’all. XO


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