You don’t have bigger chops than this HOSS!

Step off, Snitch.

Friday, a new heroine was birthed. This woman is someone we all need to take a knee and learn a lesson from .

Meet Ani Haas.

Pure Badazz

Ani Haas is a former member of the American Ski team and an avid outdoorsman. Being one of the finest athletes in the world who knows her way around the out-of-doors, makes her rule already, I could stop here.

But no. Ani Haas is a HOSS.

Friday afternoon, while running, she stumbled upon a couple of black bear cubs, and their mother. Because mama bears are no different that human mamas, the  bear went nuclear when she thought Haas was threatening her children and she cut-a-snitch. Well, first the bear chased Ani down, then she slashed at her with her she-bear claws.

Ani Haas the HOSS didn’t sweat it, she remained calm and beat the bear down. She fought the mama bear with her bare hands. She punched it repeatedly in the head and then STARED IT DOWN. Eventually, mama bear peaced out and went to go yell at her cubs for getting away from her. 

The Awesome Train that is Ani Haas doesn’t stop there, get this:

She then ran 3 miles back to her car and drove her bear-touched body to the emergency room on the way to the hospital she saved  a group of orphans from a burning building.

Listen, fighting off a mother bear with only your hands puts you in Chuck Norris territory, but to then stare the same bear down, run 3 miles to your car and drive your bleeding, shredded body to medical attention puts her in Chuck Norris’ family tree.

Tip o’ the Stetson to you, Ani Haas “The Hoss” not only are you a badazz, you are going to make one radical Halloween costume this year.

Tip o' the Stetson to ya, Ani HOSS!

Here’s her interview with the Today Show this morning, less than 72 hours after her punch-in with gummy mummy bear. It rules, you should click and watch it!

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