Baby’s First Shark Week

Mamma's Lil' Land Shark

Shark Week 2011 AKA Angry Baby’s first Shark Week, is off to a chomping success!!! Yesterday the grandparents came to visit (and give us the afternoon off!) They brought her a “chum bucket” of Shark Week delights…

Far more alluring than blood and fishguts.

As you can see, it’s chock-full of shark toys. Not pictured is a little stuffed Great White. Why? because it’s in her crib, she insisted on sleeping with it last night and during her morning power nap.

Already loves sharks? She’s a real chomp of the ol’ block!

Speaking of, Angry Baby has had an incredible couple of weeks. She’s fully mobile, has a mouth full of her own shark teefs, is tacklin’ table food and is on the verge of walking. In the blink of an eye, my little blob of fury has sprouted into a little person.

“Yeah, yeah Crib Keeper, NEWSFLASH: babies are tiny humans.”

Why, hello there haters, so good of you to roll out of the rock you live under!

Yes, I know my child is human, but she’s not always been a little person. Angry Baby of the past, had three speeds 1.sleeping 2.screaming and 3. eating. The  Angry Baby of today has tastes, shows a variety of emotions, and insists on skipping this baby business as soon as possible.

Me? I say slow down baby shark, your momma is a lazy bum and loves to live the snug life.

Of course, Angry Baby will have none of this “rest business” and insists on roaming the waters floors in search of her latest victim discovery. I’m  having some laffs here, but something tells me, things are about to get exponentially more interesting around here. I’d expect nothing less from the child who has been giving “the easy way” a side-eye since birth.

I can’t wait!

Happy Shark Week Monday

Your Pal,

The Crib Keeper

Bonus Vid: MY FAVE GREAT WHITE FOOTAGE EVER!!!!!!!!! (Until I film my own.)

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