This’ll put some pep in your step!

Holy Flurking Snit!

Happy Friday Boils and Ghouls! We survived another week in the trenches of work and babywrangling. This was a particularly ruff week for yours truly, but I champed it out and trotted into the victory circle. I’ll bet you hossed it out at some point too, matter of fact, I’m sure you did. Way to go with whatever it was YOU did!!!!

We are but a saint’s whisper from the kick off of the weekend, a weekend that culminates in SHARK WEEK 2011 starting Sunday!

A friend of mine asked me the other day if Shark Week “had jumped the shark,” meaning, had shark week lost its cool? My reply was simple. For fake shark enthusiasts and trend followers, yes. But for TRUE Shark Fans, never. Shark Week has been around for over 20 years, fads come and go, but people’s love for the jaws of the deep, never falters.

I’m in a GREAT place this morning folks, my shoulder is feeling much better, the Rooster, aka my bestie dropped in for a surprise visit yesterday and insisted I take a nap, and Angry Baby slept through the night. Dare I say I’m fully rested!? But I’m sensitive to those of you who are living in Suxtown: the glum chums,  slug-a-beds, tweaked out insomniacs and negative Nancys. I’m not going to throw my awesome frame of mind this morning in your face. Instead I have a gift for you. No need to thank me, I live to give! I’m also the most humble person I know.  

I have something wonderful for you dear readers, something that’s guaranteed to get your toes tapping.

Even if you hate 90’s dance music, this is worth checking out.

Disclaimer: The Crib Keeper is not responsible for any of the following tunes getting stuck in your brainmeat for the day. Enjoy!

Let’s get out there and ROCK THIS FRIDAY!!!!


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    Shark Week is a holiday that should be preserved. In a family that openly argues over whether or not the megalodon still exists, Shark Week is savored and celebrated. The week is even more magical by the DVR that allows us to record every show AND skip the commercials.

    Angry Baby’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter have all been adorable, including screaming, crying, and turning red. But tomorrow is the beginning of HER FIRST SHARK WEEK!

    As I write this, I am gazing fondly at Baby’s First “Chum” bucket. No, it’s not a real chum bucket but is a family term for a container full of items the recipient is guaranteed to love. The bucket is named for the mixture of fish blood and parts that draws sharks to scientists and fishermen.

    Baby’s First Chum Bucket is overflowing with shark delights guaranteed to amuse Happy Baby for hours, or at least until all the packaging is taken away.

    There’s still time for all you negligent grandparents to collect items and a bucket for your Baby’s FIRST SHARK WEEK. Don’t set yourself up for that embarrassing question in later years. The precious baby grand babies will grow into precious grandchildren who will one day ask you why they didn’t get their BABY’S FIRST SHARK WEEK chum bucket. That’s going to break your heart.

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