The Strokes Is This It, is 10 years old.


Yeah, that fact punched me in the pillsberries too. Sorry to start your day off reminding you how quickly time is getting away from us. my bad.

I was going to post about this LAST NITE (shameless Strokes reference) but I decided, what better way to start our “get over the hump day,” than rawking it to some vintage cool. We’ll as long as your definition considers 10 years vintage.

2001’s classic: Is This It, by the STROKES is turning 10 years old. Real Talk: Is this it, is in my top 10 fave albums of all time.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the youngsters over at asked some artists to tackle a cover of each song off the album. The result is part tribute, part experiment all awesome, if you’re into that.

NOTE:  Excessive name-dropping of the Artists featured is strictly forbidden.

Not a Strokes fan? Aw C’mon, give them another listen, it’s been 10 years. All the bros you were trying to impress by hating on them, are now Jack Johnson fans. Go ahead and give the original Is This It, another listen. What do you have to lose?

An Hour of my time listening to a stupid record.

HA! Jokes on you again haters, the whole album is only 36 minutes. DO-IT, DO-IT, DO-IT!!!

Bonus Bit o’ Trivia: I first became a fan of Adele’s a few years back when she did a cover of “Last Nite,” it rules, you’re welcome.


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  1. Ah, CK, you scratch right where your adoring public itches. No doubt a top 10 record. I can’t wait for my kid in 20 years to be wearing a “vintage” Strokes T-shirt and buying a compact disc of “If This It” at Half Price Books and CDs.

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