Her mother’s daughter.

Get in mah mawf!

Today I got my groove back by catching up with my ladybaby crew Jojo and FabBab, it’s almost been two months since the 3 of us have had a chance to be in the same room. It’s been an incredibly busy summer. Last time we checked in on Fab Bab I wrote about it in my post:  http://grouchymuffin.com/2011/06/10/oh-yes-its-ladies-night/

Anybabies, today the three of us got together for our playgroup. It’s a magical time where we catch-up, talk crap, ask questions and swap toys, clothes and advice. The kids all run wild having fun and live it up, while Angry Baby usually sits on the floor like an adorable indoor garden gnome. Today was her first play group since becoming a mobile, self-feeding/solid food eating kiddo who LIKES to play with toys! In other words, her first true PLAYgroup.

Oh the high hopes I had. Why, I could barely sleep last night. The games we would play,  my child was finally part of the PLAYING group at the play group, no longer the spitting up lil’ angry grub worm yelling in the corner, Angry Baby was going to charm her friends and make lifetime connections today.

Oy, why do I do this to myself?

Angry Baby crawled around the floor, ate half a bottle, tried chicken (lurved it!), mac n’ cheese (double lurved it!) and played with an empty coffee can. That was the GOOD portion of  playgroup.

Part two began once mommy sat down with her gal pals for a lunch that consisted of Fab Bab’s incredible as always party-like spread, complete with usual our glass of Raspberry champagne (oh lighten up!)

Part two consisted of: crying, whining, yelling,  throwing of food and finally, once on Mom’s lap, calm. I quickly gulped the remainder of my chicken salad sandwich (one-armed, BTW) and hit the floor to play with Angry Baby.

She was disinterested and grouchy. Big Shock, right?

Fab Bab joked, “I didn’t make anything for dessert, but I do have a tub of leftover homemade buttercream icing in my fridge.” Side note: Is there anything more exquisite a person can say to another? I immediately told Fab-Bab, “that’s the greatest sentence anyone has ever said to me.”

And for that moment, that sweet sweet moment, I meant it. The moment was so exquisite, I wrote a play all about it.

The Greatest Love of All, is Inside My Mouth


A Play

Written By the Crib Keeper

Act One

our story opens on three decade-long friends sitting around a dining room table.

Fab Bab: Sorry guys, I didn’t whip up something for dessert, but I do have a tub of my homemade buttercream icing in the fridge.

The Crib Keeper: Marry Me!

Fab Bab: It’s all yours, dessert is solved!

The Crib Keeper: YAY!

Jojo: You know, when I was a kid, my mom would take her homemade frosting leftovers and make little sandwich cookies with graham crackers. It was really good.

Fab Bab: I have Cinnamon Sugar graham crackers. That’s what we’ll do for dessert.

(The Crib Keeper Passes out from Joy.)

The End

Citizens of planet Earth, I have discovered one of the greatest pleasures in the world of confections: Icing and graham cracker sandwiches. I highly recommend you try it. To say “it’s so delicious, the Angels serve them in Heaven on Christmas Morning,” is an understatement. But you don’t have to take MY word for it! Try it for yourself!

Two bites into the confection spectacular, my adorable disinterested baby, crawled towards me like a rocket. She wanted to try what I was about to chomp. I gave her a lick of frosting…she grabbed the remainder of my miracle on a graham cracker and stuffed it in her slobbery, grunting pie-hole.

In a split-second her eyes became the size of tea saucers, a look of glee spread across her jowls instantly. This, was clearly the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

“Looks like she’s her mama’s baby!” Jojo said. “You are a sugar NUT!”

It’s true, I lurve sugar. I put so much of it in my teas and coffees both qualify as syrup. Just last week while I was sitting outside with some sweet tea, a bee stopped to drink some of my beverage…after a drag he flew into the fence and swore off sweets for good. He’s now a BEEgan. Oh lerd, it’s been a long day, even I have no excuse for that horrible joke I just wrote, definitely Lucky Turkey Joke Stand Brand if I’ve ever seen it.

HAY Crib Keeper, what’s the Lucky Turkey Joke Stand?

Another time my dears.

My daughter tasted what she liked, and went for it. A true chip off the ol’ iced graham cracker. To watch her bounce like a little superball afterwards, was just bonus.

I love sugar and my daughter does too. Of course, everything in moderation (unless you’re talking about sugar amounts in tea and or coffee.) I will use this power of delicious wisely, after all I don’t want my daughter looking like a hobo when she’s 14. 

Yeah, my baby had buttercream icing today, take that and stick it up your Whole Foods, Haters!

To SUGAR! To America! USA USA!!!!


Her mother’s daughter. — 6 Comments

  1. Loved watching your girl eat her first buttercream icing yesterday! She was in HEAVEN!!! I’ve never seen such a HAPPY Angry Baby!! Haha!!

  2. I’m Not Really Into Sweets
    A Play
    By A-Ball

    TCK: A-Ball, may I interest you in a delicious icing-and-graham-cracker sandwich?

    A-Ball: I’m not really into sweets.

    The End

  3. Maybe the icing sandwich isn’t A-Ball’s thing and if it is the equivalent of his shrimp-destroying machine, it must be special indeed. It has inspired me to write a play.

    Not on the Food Pyramid or Thursday Night Dinner.
    A Reality Play
    By Mims

    Act I – The dinner table on mandatory family night. You can hear a faint trumpet playing a Tijuana Brass song. Long before immersion blenders, TCK has forced K-Ball to do a job for her: Stir three cups of pure cane sugar into a pitcher of sweet tea. K-Ball’s little arms are strong from years of supplying sweet tea and lemonade to TCK.

    TCK: Are you almost finished, K-Ball?

    K-Ball: Sure Baby.

    TCK: Go upstairs and tell A-Ball to come eat.

    Sounds of little feet heading upstairs. A few minutes later everyone assembles for dinner.

    A-Ball: Hooray! Shrimp! K-Ball, want some shrimp? I know it’s your favorite.

    K-Ball: They aren’t my favorite. I’m eating chicken.

    TCK: Good for you two. I’m waiting for a big piece of PaPa’s banana bread followed by a big piece of PaPa’s rum cake. I’ll have a little bit of food to go with my dessert.”

    The End

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