Classic Nick is a HIT! Alternate Title: Duh!

Snitch Please. I been done knowin' that already!

For years, the children of classic Nickelodeon have begged for an outlet to showcase the shows from Nickelodeon’s golden age, the 1990’s. Many purists maintain that the true heyday of Nickelodeon was the 80’s, but I disagree. The nineties are when Nick became a bona-fide institution. Nickelodeon was standard on most cable packages, and started putting money into their productions. From Nicktoons to Snick, it was a great time to be in Nick’s target demo.

A few weeks ago, after years of phony “Classic Nickelodeon channel” rumors, Nickelodeon announced that from 12:00am-2:00am every M-F, the Teen Nick channel would be showing vintage 90’s Nick shows. The world and I rejoiced.

Earlier this week, the retro-block debuted, Each night is an episode of 4 different shows. They are doing 4 classics at a time and will rotate the programs shown. This cycle the shows are:  All That, Doug, Keenan & Kel, and Clarissa Explains it All. Other favorites such as Salute Your Shorts, and Hey Dude, are set to return later.

Even though I was never an All That fan, I appreciate the fact that this show introduced us to Keenan Thompson. Coincidentally, Keenan is hosting the flashback blocks, and he’s great.

I guess that’s the most welcome surprise out of this wonderful Nickelodeon change of heart in regards to throwback shows, is the attention to everything. The Orange Snick couch is there, Stick Stickly stops in and the old Nickelodeon Bumps play PLUS:  Keenan gives insight to trivia about our beloved shows. It’s stellar.

Sure, there are the greedy Gus’ out there who are complaining a 2 hour M-F block is not enough, and you know what I say to them? GO SLIME YOURSELF! After years of writing “Bring Back Budnick” on message boards no one ever read, true fans are glad to have SOMETHING. Be grateful, haters!  

Real Talk: Today’s Nickelodeon is a WASTELAND. I’m going to DVR every Episode of Doug, Clarissa, Hey Dude, Rugrats, Pete & Pete, Hey Arnold and Ahh! Real Monsters. Why? Because I’m going to transfer them off my DVR to my backup drive, and save them for when Angry Baby is older and Nickelodeon is even worse than it is now.

As one would guess, the nostalgic block has been a massive hit. The enthusiasm fellow watchers had during the debut night, crashed twitter a couple of times. 90’s Nick is the new Spongebob, it’s huge.

Guess who could have told Nickelodeon that 10 years ago? This lady (points thumbs to chest.) For a whole lot less than they  paid for the focus groups to tell them the very same.

I also could have been some sort of future-seeing journalist…

The Hollywood Reporter, a pillar of all that is good in journalism, did a story yesterday about how the 90’s programing block is a hit. So, not only is it a hit, it’s news that it’s a hit. Guess what, it’s not NEW-S if the average nitwit (yours truly,) could predict it a DECADE ago, I’m just saying.

What are you going to inform me of next, oh esteemed Hollywood Reporter? Are you going to tell me that donuts are delicious? Ooh I know: an expose on how hilarious nutshots are!  You really are a pinnacle of truth and education in the Entertainment World. You, my friend are a REAL NEWSPAPER, not like that scandal rag, The New York Times.

Here’s the enlightening article, read it if you need some Nickelodeon Knowledge dropped on ya! Word.


Classic Nick is a HIT! Alternate Title: Duh! — 4 Comments

  1. I always felt “Danny” from “Hey Dude!” could have cornered the Native American/indigenous peoples market in Hollywood. Instead, Adam Beach and Lou Diamond have been steadfast. It’s disappointing. But I’m sure “Danny” is having fun selling blankets in a roadside stand in New Mexico.

  2. I remember Bradley was the hot girl but the blonde got all the attention. The world is unfair. Brunette beats blonde any day.

  3. Imagining Danny selling fake turquoise at a green chile stand in New Mexico is making my heart smile. I always resented him, with his Indian guilt-trip…we get it danny, our country was built from your blood.

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