Teef Terror 2011: Chompers

Mommy, what's so funny?

When last we checked in on the teething terror, Queen La-teef-a and her journey through JAWS development, she was sporting several buds on the bottom and top gums. Those are full-blown teeth now. Chompers, to be exact.

In a matter of weeks, our lil’ teething Megalodon AKA Angry Baby, has learned to tackle food, sample the furniture and play music (on my aluminum coasters)…all with her teeth.

It’s an exhilarating sensation to see her happy now. Gone are the goofy, gummy, toofless grins of glee (superfluous alliteration and it stays.) I’m now laughing with a zany jackolantern, who loves showing those lil’ razors. The new goofy chompers make her joy look more human and less baby. If that even makes sense?

Currently, she’s cutting a coupla new teefs, and let me say this: one would think she’d be used to teething  after MONTHS of it, but nope. She’s fighting every tooth, TOOTH and nail (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Thankfully, right now Angry Baby is rocking the Tylenol and blissfully flinging her favorite toy, Woof Woof the Dog to the beat of Deadmau5’s classic groove-down, “Ghosts N Stuff.”

Angry Baby lurves her some house music, she gets dooooown!

Look out dancefloor, there’s a (not so) lean, (not so) mean baby shark comin’ attcha!

In the interest of full disclosure:I need to pump up the jam and get the BLOOD PUMPIN! In honor of the cutest shark that ever swam the dance floor, QUEEN LA-TEEF-A…I charge you to GET UP AND DANCE! Or simply sit at your desk and do the “dad dance” aka neck-thrusts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Angry Baby’s favorite jam to kick it to currently:

I’m not even kidding, this song has stopped 2 meltdowns already just today!  YAY! GLOWSTICKS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!


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