Happy Birthday, Alexander Calder!

Bow Down, uncultured swine!

Time to class up this joint. with a little ACTUAL Modern Art. No nutty pictures of crazy fan art this time around

Today would’ve been Alexander Calder’s 113th birthday, if he hadn’t quit Earth in 1976.

Crib Keeper? Who’s Alexander Calder?

Alexander Calder was a Modern artist and Sculptor, he refused to box himself in, and even did performance art.

Today if you went to google, you saw the google doodle was an homage to Calder, it’s pretty neat, if you haven’t already checked it out.

Calder is famous for his incredible mobiles and other kinetic sculptures. I have a soft spot in my heart for him, I consider him my gateway to loving art. Perhaps it was the simplicity of his primary colors, or the graceful movement of his mobiles but I was in love with his work as a budding art geek  at 9 years old.


Here’s Calder in 1955 performing his “Circus” presented by the Whitney Museum during it’s perspective on Calder’s time in Paris, a few years back. Luckily for the internets and youtube, we all can enjoy it nooooow!

And just because I really dig it, here’s my ALL TIME FAVORITE google doodle, Jules Verne!!!!!!!

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