Friday means one thing: It’s Blog o’ the week time!

Check it up, Chumps!

Welcome again to a special AFTERNOON edition of Blog o’ the week, as you might recall, last week we spotlighted an outrageous and bitterly funny, “advice” Blog. For those of you who didn’t have time this week to do the required reading, go ahead and check it out!!!

As the title of the blog imples, it’s NSFW due to language and theme, but who the flurk cares? It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Have a laff and come back, this post will still be here!

Everyone else, it’s time to move on to this weeks stellar slice of internet sarcasm a true blog o’ the week from first read, 

This blog is awesome, and so true. 

A good friend hipped me to this one awhile back, and I just LOVE her humor, so going into it, I knew the mompetition and I would be friends.

Hat’s off to our blog of the week, another sterling beacon of Real Talk, in a sea of needless child-braggery and parenting denial.

Here’s the About Page:

Moms- Might I suggest you watch the following video, I think we’ve all been there and if you haven’t surprise: YOU’RE THE OTHER PERSON IN THE VIDEO!

Side note: I have tons of “Mom-Friends.” The mompetitors in life? I simply choose to shock and offend them all with honesty, and complete lack of pretention. They want nothing to do with me.

Judging by the success of our little clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, many of you out there, agree with me. Let’s not compete! Instead, let’s disgust each other with our real selves.

 Snobby Jerk at the Gym gettin’ ya down? Break wind! (luv ya Britney Spears) The snob will either 1. laugh with you, or 2. run in horror. A true definition of a win/win, if I’ve ever seen it.

You see, as you flip through on your phone reading this, trying to avoid the person who smells like cheese, sitting painfully close to you, you need to keep something in mind:

We’re all dreadfully uncool and gross in our own unique ways. Rather than fite about who’s the better whatever, or what baby has a solid-gold diaper genie, let’s  hi-five eachother for not being parfait. (That’s French for perfect, but I’m not a pretentious snob, oh noooo not meee!)

Until next time- Keep Bloggin’ for the stars!

Do you have a blog that should be considered for Blog of the week? Send it on in and we’ll check it up, stay awhile and see if it has the goods.

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