Shark Scientists: This is how you do it.

Fresh Fish Comin' Attcha!

Ok all you Space folks, I know you’re bummed about that thing from the 80’s (the space shuttle,) being discontinued. I’m here to remind you of the OTHER SCIENTIFIC OPPORTUNITIES that could benefit from us no longer throwing our money away on $5,000,000 “space” toilet paper.

Though I grew up a stones throw from NASA, I also grew up on the water. I’m an ocean nerd to the core!

Sad Science Fact: We know more about lame, boring, space than we do about our OCEANS. We’ve barely scratched the surface of the great deep mysteries of the water. I say, let’s turn your shuttle death frown upside down, and look to our own planet for science exploration.

Sayonara space, the ocean is the new inky black void to probe (getyourmindoutofthegutter.)

Which brings me to the point of this post:  A crew of brave scientists have a heck of a fish story to tell.

Monday, while we surfed online and fought back the zzzzzz’s, a group of Marine Biologists down in South Africa, were having a fine time researching Great White sharks, the second coolest animal to ever swim the ocean (next to Megalodon, of course.)

Well, shiz got REAL, real quickly, when a 1000 lb Great White mistakenly flung itself  in the boat. The shark caused all sorts of drama, and was unable to get itself back in the water. 

What did these science Gods do? Rather than throw everything they had on the boat to kill it, they kept water flowing over the sharks gills with a hose, and threw a wet towel over his head, all so the killer of the deep could LIVE.

Yes, they could have let the massive shark flop around, the fish would have eventually suffocated and the crew would’ve had no one (except fellow Marine Biologists) throwing them shade. But no. They did everything they could to insure it survived.

I’m shedding pure diamonds at the sweetness of these scientists.

I do have one probing question, though. Why are these people wasting time and risking their lives on the Great White Shark? The GWS is awesome, we’ve already established that. Why not go bigger, take all that energy and heart and focus it on FINDING THE MEGALODON? He’s out there y’all and he’s a straight GANGSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entire tale of the bravest folks to ever dork it up in a dingy can be read here:–great-white-shark-leaps-into-boat?bn=1

I can’t think of a better way to start a THURSDAY! Than this touching tale of love and Great White Shark saving. So HEARTWARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scientists of EARTH, today is a new day for exploration. With all the money we’re going to be saving saying so long to the shuttle, we’ve got loads of cash to throw at re-discovering the LORD OF THE DEEP and whatever other delightful creatures you might find. TO THE OCEAN!

Speaking of the Ocean, when I was a Senior in high school, the United States Navy Rock Band came to our school and ROCKED OUR FACES OFF in an assembly. They played Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” and I remember thinking they were the BIZNESS!

Here’s a FLEET WEEK clip of the navy rock band playing in Times Square. RAWK!

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