Say it with Glitter.

The Bachmann clinic, got a visit from a group of well-dressed barbarians today, GAY BARBARIANS.

That was the fanciest, sparkliest, funniest protest ever.

The Truth: Back at the beginning of the millennium, (love saying that, it sounds so futuristic!) I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans during Southern Decadence. Don’t know what Southern Decadence is? Look it up! I ran into a pack of Gay barbarians, well they were a group of fancy buff dudes dressed like Tarzan, so it fits. All I’m going to say is this:

Hat’s off for the protesters deciding to wear 98% more clothing than those loin-clothed gentlemen did that night. I don’t think these folks would’ve cut as hot a figure as those stallions back in Nola so long ago…sigh, memories.

Come to Daddy

P.S. Shout out to the long-haired blonde dude, what he lacked for in enthusiasm and charisma, he made up for in a too late, lackluster finger point. YOU SIR, are the star!

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