Flintstone Animal Tools Rule

Same Song, Different Day.

Since 2006, I’ve had the pleasure of working from home. 

I’ll admit, with the occasional meeting, ignored deadlines and writing emails in my underwear, It’s been a pretty sweet gig until 9 months ago, when I added a second job…

My second job is hard work. It never ends. See, the boss is a real task-master. She keeps me on my toes, even when I’ve got my feets kicked up. It’s a 24-7 grind joy. On the bright side my new boss is irresistible. She’s a real knockout who is easily distracted by wrappers and shiny shoes.

At times, the job is down right rough. That’s when I like to refer to myself as a “Flintstone animal tool” (not what it sounds like!)

Crib Keeper, you’ve lost me.

On the Flintstones, the animals did all the work. Behind every unpleasant, annoying, or gross task, there was a poor creature performing the undesired job. The animal would often address the audience to say a witty line about how work blows.

These animals were indentured slaves, bound by the fact Fred and Wilma are keeping them alive. Yet, in the midst of all this horrible injustice, they still had the moxy to scrap up some witty insight for the readers audience. INSPIRING!

True Story: Every time Lover fo’ Life and I find ourselves doing something Angry Baby-related that’s disgusting, such as: cleaning projectile vomit off our face, or scraping a turd tattoo off a little booty, we’ll look at each other, (or think to ourselves when the other isn’t around) “And you think you’re job stinks!” The key is to say it in the same whiny  Flintstone animal tool voice! We’ll laugh and the horrible task that was at hand becomes a distant memory.

The other day during a NAP WARS skirmish…my two jobs collided. Angry Baby was screaming at me for a solid hour while I wrote. L4L witnessed me in action for the whole thing, and after another 45 minutes of Angry Baby fighting her nap, like Johnny Depp fights the hot, L4L gave me the greatest compliment ever. Well, for this Flintstone animal tool it was.

“I could never switch jobs with you.”

If there were a prehistoric record player here, I would make a small bird use his beak to play a record of people applauding.

But this is reality, not a cartoon.  I will simply say this…

Lover fo Life: I love that you think I’m awesome, but you totally could switch jobs with me anytime you want…C’mon, YOU’VE GOT THE CHOPS! Give yourself more credit.

As I type this post, Angry Baby is passed out face first in her favorite blanket. I’m about to eat some leftover msg with msg Chinese food, and PAR-TAY!

I’m living it up NAP STYLE! Until my Boss wakes up, I’m gonna dance like there’s not an inevitable yell in 20 minutes!

Side Note: Who knew that band from the 90’s The Offspring, RAWKED so much?

PS: I’m trying to learn all the steps to this groove so I can start a flash mob at local donut shack. SHIPLEY DONUTS RULE ALL OTHERS DROOL!

Whatever  Flintstone animal tool (not what it sounds like!) you are, you do it better than any other cartoon running-gag out there!

This goes out to L4L:

For the rest of yas…

 Here’s a nifty Cartoon Network Promo that used to air…all about the Flintstones, America’s first Simpsons.

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