Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day!


It’s that special time of the week! Tues-the-Extreme day is once again upon us!

Today, Angry Baby and I are on a mission to cheer up my best gal pal, the Rooster. She just got back from a glorious trip to NYC, and had a real crap Monday. SO we’re going to be spending the day having fun and making Rooster smile. It should be fairly easy work, as my secret weapon, even when Angry, elicits happiness from others.

My apologies if today’s mission of cheer interrupts the daily flow of hahas I provide you. I’ll have my laptop, and plan on kickin’ out the jams as usual. But if I don’t, now you know I’m busy having too much fun.

The good news is, we have 350+ posts for you to catch up on! It’s called a win/win. My bestie has a fun day to make up for yesterday, and you still have quality reading for your toilet time-wasting pleasure! Sometimes things work out awesome…EXTREMELY AWESOME!

It’s all about living life to the EXTREME! Whatever is in store for you, I sincerely hope you have a marvelous TUES-the-EXTREME Day!

Here’s a clip of Vanilla Ice on ice dancing to Ice Ice, Baby!

I can hear you now:“Nice Nice, Lady!”

 Anything for YOU my dear reader. Why? Because you’re too cold. Too cold.

Oh to be a sequin on those pants!

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