Beware all those who wish to kiss THIS!

It never gets old.

For what seemed like forever, Angry Baby refused to show the slightest bit of sweetness. As she adjusted to life on Earth, she became less furious and eventually, Angry baby cracked a smile.

A couple of months ago, she started kissing. Since then, Angry Baby has refined her technique from the open-mouthed maw of a baby kiss, to the gentle peck of a lil’ human. She kisses on request.

We were rolling down the tracks on the love train to hug-teachin’ town, when a curious phenomenon began occurring with Angry Baby’s kiss. The gentle pecks devolved into something sinister.

Just a note to those of you unaware: on the playground of life, I am the Recess Villain. Being the big ol’ jerk that I am, one of my favorite things to do is prank unsuspecting friends and family members.

Why am I telling you this? It seems Angry Baby is a bit of a jokester herself.

A friendly heads-up to anyone that currently kisses Angry Baby or might be kissing her in the unforseen future: Angry Baby has combined her love of practical jokes, with her many requests for affection.

Yesterday, while playing I asked her for a kiss, she obliged and leaned in for a peck, which lingered for a bit before she started laughing manaically, stuck her tongue out and proceeded to lick my entire lip area.

I peeled her away and she immediately went back to give me another kiss, I assumed she had mistakenly slipped me the spit-up and allowed the kiss. I mean, who’s gonna turn away a baby wanting to show you love? Not this lady!

She did it again. And giggled more intensely, actually howling in delight at her funny joke, and laughing at the idiot who fell for her little ruse twice. Angry Baby leaned in for a 3rd, like the previous time before, I steeled my mouth shut, so when the slimy baby slug-tounge was on its way, I was spared the extra ewww factor.

This kid thinks she’s hilarious.

Beating her victims readers loved ones over the head with the same joke over and over again? The same tired, lame, gross joke, being trotted out for the joy of only one person, herself. Hmmmm, where have I read heard this before?

Looks like Angry Baby is taking after her dear ol’ mom in more ways than one.

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