On a very special edition of “Blog o’ the Week”

Check it up, Chumps! (as long as you're over 18)

Hello babies! I’ll bet you thought there was no Blog o’ The Week today, because I usually do them early in the morning on Fridays…

Well, you’re WRONG! I just didn’t feel right starting the day off with a “blue” blog!!!

But, now I am happy to announce: IT’S BLOG O’ THE WEEK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week, I decided to share with you my new favorite blog! Reader and devastatingly handsome rapscallion about town, Eric, turned me on to this one.

Before any of you out there go clicking on this link, know that it is NSFW and is adult humor.


The Tagline? “Shady advice from a raging b*tch who has no business answering any of these questions.”

I find it freaking hilarious. But then again, For me bitter= hilarious. This site is as bitter as a Campari and ear wax cocktail.  If you’ve got a pitch-black sense of humor, you’ll love it.

To those of you not into it, no worries, this is a once in a while assault on your discrimiating tastes. And to the few that are angry I posted a “naughty blog” as my BLOG o’ The Week:

Can it haters. They all can’t be sweet.


Pour yourself a tumbler of Andre Extra Dry, fill a coffee mug with Riunite, and two fist it!

To Coke Talk (I’m assuming the title is referring to the soft drink)!!!!!!!!!

Kick Back, relax, and rejoice in the fact that the weekend is but a mere saint’s whisper away!

Riunite, the OFFICIAL beverage of www.grouchymuffin.com !

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