Look at what the perverts have done!

Is this what you want?

There is a delicate and chardonay-preserved rose, named Kathie Lee Gifford. I have written to you many times about how she is my true angel of the morning. Watching her cackle like glamorous flamingo every day warms my tiny, shriveled, black heart. I’m  a fan of Kathie Lee Gifford, and believe every morning I spend staring at this ICON OF GLAMOUR, is a good one.

In several of my past posts I’ve also addressed the bizarre and curious KLG search terms that bring people here.

To this day, grouchymuffin ‘s #3 all-time top referring search term is: “kathie lee gifford hot.” At first, I fought the hot, much like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, but then I accepted it. Of course, the more I covered the peculiar trend of salacious searchers, the more creeps perverts sickos Kathie Lee lusty fans crawled out of the google search bar.

Due to the viral nature of the internet and the underground railroad of “KLG Kreepers,” I have a new search term to share, and this one is a defining search for www.grouchymuffin.com

Have I built it up enuff for ya? Good. Here it is:

“kathie lee gifford hot blog”

Congrats Internet Perverts who were lusting after my lotus blossom of virtue!!!!You’ve now made a name for this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, and a carved out a place for you and your kind!

When I started this place for grins, I’ll be honest with you: I never dreamt it would come to this. I thought I would enlighten people with some treasures of knowledge about my time with Angry Baby, provide quality goof ups and help you waste time.

Now, the “lil’ Non-Mom Blog that could” has grown to be the internet’s premiere site for sickos folks who find Kathie Lee Gifford hot!!!

My only regret is that my parents are alive to see this.

What I’m trying to say is this:  YAY!!!!!!!!!We did it Mom and Dad, the years of emotional support and $$$ paid off!!!Your  lil’ princess is all grown up to be the webtrix of a Kathie Lee Gifford Hot Blog!

And people say the internet is a rolling trash heap of elephant dung!? Bah!

God Bless the USA, where dreams really DO come true! I’m living proof.


The Founder of the Internet’s #1 site for lusting after Kathie Lee Gifford.

And to all you creeps, sickos and perverts   distinguished readers, who got to this post through a “kathie lee gifford hot blog” search, I celebrate YOU!


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  1. Damn the Today show over took you!!!! Conspiracy I tell you!!! Buggers! You re still the number one blog though!!! Almost the number one website!!! lol. This is hilarious!

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