This is JUST the shot of culture this dump needs.

Bow Down!


From time to time, I like to culture you swine up with a little art appreciation. Today, is one of those moments.


You see, as a connoisseur of fine art and exquisite expressions of creativity, I know the good stuff when I see it.


So turn off Judge Judy and switch on Masterpiece Theatre, stop eating that Slim Jim (RIP Randy), and snap into some caviar.


Behold! A beautiful treasure that can be yours, for ONLY $900.00!!!!!!!!!


Drink it in people. This is Art!


Alamo-1 Basement-0


 Fellow art lovers, sometimes we are moved by a piece so much so, that there are no words, just tears ( I don’t shed tears, I shed diamonds.)


This is one of those times. Such craftmanship, such emotion. AND MORGAN FAIRCHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Real Talk: Morgan Fairchild is my favorite! She’s the American Joan Collins, brimming with GLAMOUR!!!!! Why, I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret, Morgan Fairchild and I have the same birthday! Yay!!!!! (Different years,  you haters!)


(ring ring)


(ring ring)


(ring ring)


Hello?  Oh yes of course, one moment, please.


PAGING MR. Museum of Modern Art, MR. Museum of Modern Art, you have a telephone call at the front desk.

Shout out to all my fellow Pee Wee’s Big Adventure geeks!


 Check it out here:


Casey Weldon, you are officially, my new favorite artist. 


I MUST OWN THISMessage me for my mailing address benevolent benefactors.  

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