A Hipster Home Run.


Brian Wilson, AKA: Hipster Baseball Player is going to hit a home run in the heart of every cool kid out there. He’s the closer for the San Fransisco Giants and is all that and a bag of vegan crisps from Whole Foods.

Look guys, hipster baseball dude is all about livin’… L-I-V-I-N.

The beard says it all.

He’s not into shaving, thinks everyone is lame, and only watches foreign documentaries on a black and white, because he doesn’t need a color television. 

Tonight he’s going to sling back a few GRANDE extra-black coffees, pensively stroke his beard and discuss the latest article from some obscure French newspaper. Who knows after that? Perhaps a plate of gluten-free waffles, or maybe he’ll go catch Band of Horses over at Stubbs. The sky’s the limit, yo.

One things for sure, though. He’s not about labels, and doesn’t care who wins or loses in the game of baseball, he is just earnin’ a paycheck.

Shine on you crazy baseball diamond! To Brian Wilson, the player, not the Beach Boy, The Hipster’s Professional Athlete!!!!

YOU’RE an All-Star, Brian Wilson! You made it BIG!

The Truth: this is my favorite Beach Boys song because it is ALSO the opening title to MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE GIRL SCOUT RELATED FILM, Troop Beverly Hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MLB= Major League Beard

Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys is a GENIUS FOR THIS!!!!!


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