Kenny Powers is going to start your Monday off right.


Kenny effing Powers, has made K-Swiss cool again, he’s the new fake CEO of K-Swiss. For those of you unaware who Kenny Powers is, he’s the lead character on HBO’s  East Bound and Down. (Played by the insanely talented Danny McBride.)

Watch the hilarious vid  touting the new CEO and his business acumen…

Kenny Has made K-Swiss relevant again!

Last I checked, K-Swiss shoes were given on every low-budget Nickelodeon game show of the 1980’s-1990’s.

I distinctly remember the prize for climbing the sundae slide on Double Dare was a gift certificate from K-Swiss shoes, at the time when Harvey the announcer on Double Dare, said “You’ll win K-Swiss shoes for the whole family,” I looked down at my British Knights and wondered if K-Swiss made purple pearlized tennis shoes. Yes, I had PURPLE PEARLIZED BRITISH KNIGHTS!  I’ve always been HIGH CLASS AND FASHION all the way.

Thanks to this hilarious short, K-Swiss is my new favorite shoe company. As I look down at my PURPLE Converse tennis shoes…I wonder, does K-Swiss make a purple sneaker? Nah, best not risk it. CHUCK T’s till my feets fall off!!!!!

So put on those British Knights, K-Swiss, LA Gear, or Reebok Pumps, do some elaborate stretches and get out there and WIN ONE FOR THE POWERS, Kenny Powers!

I’ll always love you, Marc Summers!

Here’s Kenny Powers showing you the goods!


 And just a little British Knight love, in honor of my old PURPLE PEARLIZED TENNIS SHOES. (Gone but not forgotten.)

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