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Yesterday and today on Cartoon Network, is having an  Adventure Time, marathon. My DVR is stacking ’em deep.

Adventure Time’s new season starts the 11th, so that’s why you and I have the opportunity to catch up on this future cartoon classic.

What’s Adventure Time? A super cute cartoon. PLUS,  It’s bizarre and weird.

 I lurve it.

The series started as a cartoon short, that went viral. Cartoon Network said: “GIMME GIMME,” and ordered a full series, based on one short!

I’m new to this show because it premiered during my 1st trimester, so I was too busy puking into every trash can available to follow the inner workings at Cartoon Network. 

All you need to know is, ADVENTURE TIME RULES!!!!!!!!! It’s Hilarious and adorable. Matter of fact, I was writing this post while watching an episode and had to pause it because it’s just too funny and adorable to multi-task during. You’re bound to miss something.

Do yourself a solid and record an episode, or catch one today when you get back from church and are looking for ways to avoid your to-do list.


Fun Bit of Trivia: John Kassir voiced the “Ice King” in the original short! Why do I know this? Because it’s my job to know these things.


Hey What?

YOU’RE NERDING OUT, Who the heck is John Kassir!?

Oh, I forgot, not everyone has a limitless ability to store trivial tid-bits.

John Kassir, is a voice-acting legend. He’s provided a number of character voices most notably, The Crypt Keeper on, HBO’s Tales from the Crypt. Real talk: It’s my all-time favorite television show! I even loved the cartoon! You didn’t know that they had a Cryptkeeper Cartoon? Ayup. And I loved it. I also have a sky-high stack of the Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror comic books from the 50’s and 60’s. What can I say? I’ve always had great taste.

As I was saying, Kassir was the Ice King in the original short, but was not asked back for the series. Guess who they got to play the Ice King in the series? Tom Kenny (Patchy the Pirate aka the voice of Spongebob Squarepants)

I love Tom and all, but he’s got plenty of gigs, why did they bump Kassir?

Hollywood, take note: John Kassir is a voice-acting legend and deserves to be treated as such!

Well, I’ve turned this simple: “OH MAH GOODNESS I HAVE TO SHARE THIS CARTOON WITH THE WORLD” post about my new favorite ‘toon, into a rambling string of facts none of you knew or cared to know. MY SITE, MY RULES! HAPPY SUNDAY!


Here’s the Adventure Time short that started it all!

Here’s my hero doing what he does best, telling baaaaad jokes! Just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee y’all!

And here are ALL of the Tales from the Crypt openings, even the cartoons!!!!


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  1. I saw a commercial for this show while at the out-laws. I did very interesting. Maybe in 2030 when I have cable, I’ll watch it.

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