Once again, It’s Blog o’ the Week Time!!!!!!

Check it up, Chumps!

Greetings Class! Once again we find ourselves here, at BLOG OF THE WEEK! This is when I share the goods with you and by goods, I’m not referring to my goodies. I’m talking about well-written blogs that I actually take the time to read and check in on!!

Last week’s Blog o’ the week was “Tales from a Hopeless Romantic” http://80slover.blogspot.com/ 

Haven’t stopped by to read her wares? Why don’t you give fellow momgyver, Wondermom a visit right now? I’ll be right here waiting when you get back.

This Week’s blog o’ the week is from a Husband/Dad/Smart-Alec, who blogs on whatever the heck he feels like, what a great combo! Check it up, look around and tell ’em the Crib Keeper sent ya!


C’mon, I never steer you wrong. Here’s a post that gave my heart the smiles:


Until Next week! Well, unless I don’t have the time to find a quality blog for next week…why don’t you help me out and submit a candidate for BLOG O THE WEEK! I’m all eyes.  Send me a link and I’ll see.


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