Erica Kane Married the Internet.

Like a Teal Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes.

Susan Lucci is indestructible.

Erica Kane, goddess of the small screen and the Head Snitch in Charge in the town of Pine Valley, lives on…online!

Earlier this year, ABC gave us all “The BIG hurt” when they announced they were pulling the plug on All My Children earlier this year. Well, online broadcasting company, Prospect Park, has stepped in to preserve the legacy, wisdom and fashion that is All My Children. They are planning to show episodes past the cancellation date and produce NEW episodes, all for the beauty of computer screens everywhere.

No word yet on if the cast and crew will be joining or if this is going to be a full tear-down restoration. I’m not worried, I know as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, Erica Kane aka La Lucci, will ride on her broomstick again!

Thank you company I’ve never heard of, for saving the most glorious television show to ever showcase the acting talents of one Ms. Susan Lucci, aka a true ICON of fabulous.

Here’s exactly what she did to save her show…just imagine the show in place of her fake dead mother.

Best Actress of all time.


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