Teef Terror 2011: The Shark that could crawl.

Mommy, I'm Bustin' Loose and Cuttin Toofs!

Well, it was only a matter of time, but Angry Baby is now a crawling little nutball. She started about a week ago, just in time for independence day! She’s gone zero to sixty since getting mobile, so much so…that today my super awesome BABY YARD arrived!

 Yeee-Haww My little filly is going to have a coral!

Can it haters, my child is a whirling dervish of activity, she never stops moving. Even when asleep, she’s moving. This “play yard” aka baby fence is going to keep her out of trouble and give me a little piece of mind when I have to leave the room to do something selfish like, use the bathroom.

Look out, chumps...I'm comin' attcha!


Yes she’s adorable, roses and sunshine most of the time, but when Baby Shark goes on the war path, look out!

So for those of you keeping score, I now have a maniacal slobber-factory who will find the opportunity to chew anything, crawling rampant around my house.

Ah…sweet play yard. My baby cage of freedom.  We’re trying it out this evening!

Why this evening and not NOW? Real Talk: I’m not a details person (in case you haven’t already noticed!) But Lover fo’ Life LURVES details.

Matter of fact, he is the ONLY person I know that takes joy in reading a manual from cover to cover. Because it needs to be perfect, I’m going to leave it to his supervision. Sure I’ll help him assemble it, but  I’ll do what I do best: zone off, hold screws and or bits, and try not to get caught gold bricking.

To Angry Baby and her newfound freedom, to my newly purchased play yard and extension pack, to GOLD BRICKING!!!!!!

Solid Gold Lazy.


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