Obama and your Pepaw have something they agree on.

Work it Papa!

That got your attention! Ha!

90% of you who still have pepaws, have pepaws that hate Obama.

This is something I could care less about. Because, like your lower back tattoo, politics is something you never bring up with a pepaw.

Obama and your grandad are on the verge of going to coffee together every morning, which in grandad land, means BEST FRIENDS! Why? Because they are JUST alike, why they even talk the same!

In a press conference yesterday,Obama referred to the internet as “internets.” Yep, Obama calls it “the internets” just like Pappy!

Finally, something they both can agree on: The name of the “information superhighway!”

Here’s Obama, in all of his geriatric glory (he says it at the 10 sec mark.)

True story: My gramps asked me, “what is a Facebook? ” the last time I visited him, I started to explain, and smoke came out of his ears. I decided mid-explaination to tell him it was a phone book with pictures of people’s faces.

He still thought it was “too complicated.”

Papa, go get a snocone with a Democrat today!

In the interest of full disclosure: I use the word “internets” all the time, I love needlessly adding a plural to things. It’s my favorites!


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