Everything is coming up Cee Lo.

Bow Down to the Master.

NBC grew a clue and signed Cee Lo up for season two of The Voice, as quickly as they could, and rightly so. Cee Lo is magic.

It’s already been explained on this website of truth and class, that Cee Lo owns it all . He’s the coolest, dreamiest, most charismatic and TALENTED one on the show. Listen to The Lady Killer, he sings like the dudes in the 1960’s WISH they sang.

Well if that wasn’t enough good news, it looks as if CEE LO is also going to be one of the coaches/judges for the UK version of the Voice, that’s right, Cee Lo is worldwide! Trust me on this, he’s HUGE in the UK. So of course they would recruit him to repeat his expert position.

Sure, all the other what’s-their-faces from season one on NBC will be back. Even Christina, who looks more and more like Snooki, every time I see her on my screen. I imagine by season two, Snooki and Christina will just merge and be known as… Christina Pickles!

Only one can be Christina Pickles.

 What’s that you say? There’s already an actress named that? Ah yes, you are correct. She played Judy Geller on Friends (AKA Monica and Ross’ mom.) Oy, the useless knowledge I know!

Congrats to NBC and The UK version of The Voice, you actually know pure class and talent when you Cee it. (crowd groans)

In honor of the man who single-handedly saved NBC from death…here’s a Cee Lo song to end your day! Tomorrow’s Friday! We’ve almost made it y’all!!!!!!!

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