The Timberlake Appreciation Society presents: Hands off, Snitch!

This really was my Camelot.

So the Huffington Post is trying to RUIN my GLORIOUS day HOME ALONE! By running this muck of a story:

This drivel claims Justin and catcher’s mitt face Jessica Biel are quietly reconciling behind the scenes. LIES.

Look hemroid lips Jessica, I’m super glad you’re finding new ways to milk the scandal rags for publicity from this PAST relationship, but MOVE on and HANDS OFF, SNITCH! Go back to being irrelevant in irrelevant movies…see you on the Lifetime channel in a few years! Moving on…

Now that the unpleasant muckraker in the Huffington Post is behind us, let us once again enter the Ivory Towers of the Timberlake Appreciation Society, a Society founded on proving to the world that Justin Timberlake is worth loving.

Look Alive, we’re running late!

Greetings fellow members of the Timberlake Appreciation Society, my how the time has gotten away from us since our last meeting! But fear not, my friends…anything worth having is worth waiting for.

I bring you a modest proposal. How many of you distinguished chaps know of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema?

Well it’s a fine pub/diner/movie theatre tri-brid that started the entire craze. They are known for camp, fun, and cinema preservation. They know the good stuff when they see it. Why don’t you take a sec to check them out!

Spoiler Alert: I will be covering the REAL TALK  “A Very Special” event at the Alamo Mason Park on July 28th…but more on that later!

My dear society members: The Alamo Drafthouse Does A Justin Timberlake Sing-Along.

The West Oaks Location, is doing it July 20th at 7:30pm. 

Who is with me? You can bet your sweet mouseketeers I’ll be there!

 The Question is who here has the TIMBERLAKE DEVOTION TO JOIN ME!?!?!?!?!?

Society Founder Side-Plea to JT:  Justin, please get back with Britney, Maybe America will be hurled into a super-rad time machine, a time before I KNEW WHO NANCY GRACE WAS!

Sure, I had bangs, but the future me will force the past me to grow them out! Put that in your flux capacitor!


Behold, a new discovery on the interwebs of oddity! My NEW find of the day: Justin and Britney relationship tribute videos! WTF!?!?!?


The Timberlake Appreciation Society presents: Hands off, Snitch! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness gracious! I don’t know if I’ll join… will have to think about it, but I bet my sister will!!

  2. I’m down for both the Timberlake sing-a-long AND the “Very Special” event!!! I’ve been trying to get people to go to the Very Special one ever since I heard about it. They’re also doing a girls’ night out Troop Beverly Hills… Just sayin’.

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