This TUES-the-Extreme Day, feels like a Monday.

Way to go America!

It was a looooong night at Angry Baby Manor. Who am I kidding, it’s been a long coupla days with this TEETHING TERROR.

I’m bummed it’s no longer the Holiday weekend, but I’m optimistic because it’s 4 days until FRIDAY!

We can SURVIVE this Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Here’s a video tribute to Vanilla Ice with the song, “Survivor.”

I know what you are thinking: “Dang it Crib Keeper, I thought it was going to be the Destiny’s Child version of “Survivor.”

That would’ve been awesome. Here, to wet your Destiny’s Child ukulele tribute whistle, here’s a cover of Destiny’s Child’s Survivor, on ukulele.

And just because all of this “Survivor” talk, here’s the REAL DEAL HOLLYFIELD!!!!!!!!!!! 

No, not Beyoncé’s shameless vehicle for stardom, THE BAND SURVIVOR!

I’m wrapping my fists getting ready for a breakfast showdown, in corner one weighing a whopping 20 lbs, it’s ANGRY BABY!!!!!!!!!

In corner two weighing…oh who am I kidding? This kid has had me on the ropes for DAYS and now that Pops isn’t here to help run a clean fite, her GLOVES ARE OFF!

At least YOU should have a great day, let’s punch today in the Pillsberries!

Angry Baby (not pictured.)

Here’s some bonus footage of a SUPERHOTTIE singing Eye of the Tiger!

Ladies, I’m pretty sure he’s single!

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