Pistol Packin’ Mama.

What a beautiful TUES-the-EXTREME day this is turning out to be. I just got the coolest thing in the mail!

“Well, don’t make us wait for it..

I received my concealed handgun license today! Now, I can carry my piece on my person (as long as I conceal it and obey posted state signs.)

Of course there are a multitude of situations when I will NOT be carrying, but it is awesome to have the right to do so.

Oh lerd, I can hear you wingnuts now:

“MAH GAWD Crib Keeper, you have a BABY(!) how could you carry a firearm in her presence!?”

Listen up dips: for starters, I’m a responsible firearm owner, otherwise I wouldn’t have passed the all of the tests and requirements for my CHL (concealed handgun license.)

I have my CHL, BECAUSE I have my daughter. Before she was born, I threw around the idea of getting it, but once she was here, I made the decision to “pull the trigger,” (pun and it stays.)

Look, I’d love it if I lived in the perfect, idealized world we wish for our children, but the truth of the matter is, the world is filled with scumbags. Scumbags who might one day harm me, my Lover fo’ Life, or God forbid, my child. When the spit its the fan, I want to have every tool available to protect and defend.


Once upon a time, I had never touched or even seen a “real” gun. I prided myself on that fact. But then, I was introduced to guns on the greatest ranch in the world, Thanksgiving 2002 and my life was never the same.

Lover fo’ Life decided my “gun phobia” was ridiculous and asked that I at least try plinking cans. That was also the Thanksgiving I met my new family, and fell in love with my favorite place on the planet, the Liberty Longhorn Ranch. After the biggest spread of Turkey Day Delights I’d ever been privy to, L4L approached me with a .22 rifle and said, “Hey let’s take a walk.” Many ladies, when miles away from civilization would say, “no thanks,” to an evening stroll with with a dude holding a rifle.

These ladies don’t know L4L. He’s a boy scout. A boy scout who’s knows a ton of awesome important stuff. He’s the best. I’m missing him today because we just had a nice long holiday around the town with Angry Baby. Mondays are always tuff, we miss eachother badly, but the first day back after vacations the sads seem to multiply. I’m getting off topic…

Basically, he showed me how to shoot the .22 (shout out to the lead-filled log, wherever you are!) and I’ve been a gun-nut since.

Look, I’m not going to go on and on, I know this is where you and I might have a difference of opinion. And that’s ok. 

Right now I’m celebrating!

Today I become a true, pistol-packin’ mama. With great power, comes an even greater responsibility.  


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