Extremely Awesome! alternate title: Take Down all that crap at the Louvre, HERE’S ART!

Much better than the original.

There are few things you must know about me, a tiny list of MUST KNOWS, that without knowing, you would completely miss who I am as a PERSON. TO MY CORE.

I am a Villain.

On the playground of life, I am the recess villain. Sure, I’m not Dick Cheney evil (SHOUT OUT TO MY #1 CRUSH FO LIFE, Dick Cheney!!!!!!) but I often find myself rooting for the bad guy in movies, books, television and politics. Don’t hate on me goody goodies, I was born this way

Side Note: One day I will discover the Megalodon, and build a state of the art holding facility (with NASA’s old funding,) only to TURN MY MEGALODON ON THE WORLD!!! I will get whatever I want, whenever I want…or else? Say hello to my MASSIVE friend!

I love Art.

I collect, obsess over and covet art. Some people are comic book geeks, I’m an art geek. My favorite thing to do in high school? Interpret my artist friend’s work. NERD ALERT!

I love Mario and the entire MUSHROOM KINGDOM.

Like many children of my age, some of my fondest gaming memories were scrunched up to the old-as-hail TV my parents didn’t want anymore, busting out the wins on Super Mario Brothers, AKA THE GREATEST “INCLUDED WITH” GAME EVER!  I love the entire Mushroom Kingdom that Mario inhabits and wish I could live there. Because if I did, you can bet I’d be a LEVEL BOSS VILLAIN!

Combine all three and it is the greatest thing I’ve ever witnessed in art. Mario Baddies + art= EXTREME BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist and Illustrator, Mike Puncekar unveiled these beauties mid-june. He’s an incredible talent and he can definitely call me a fan, forever!

Please gather some Kleenex before you scroll through these treasures of artistic beauty(!), you’re going to be SHEDDING TEARS OF UNBRIDLED JOY at what you witness!

http://mpuncekar.blogspot.com/ (he’s working on a new site rite now!)

(via buzzfeed)


Extremely Awesome! alternate title: Take Down all that crap at the Louvre, HERE’S ART! — 3 Comments

  1. I can no longer fight this urge to dust off my Super NES console and play for hours! See you sometime next month!

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