Extreme Guilty Pleasure.

Ice Ice Baby Too Cold.

You know, each day I provide you with ha-has and important scientific information. But even literary geniuses like ourselves have to indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time.*

Today I can’t hide it any longer, I have a rather embarrassing love that I’m sure I’ll instantly regret sharing with the none of you reading this crap pile. (I’m kidding, 10,000 of you in 2 months is AWESOME thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!)

I love pictures of stupid tattoos. It is one of my favorite things the internet has brought into my life. STUPID PEOPLE MARKING THEMSELVES STUPIDLY FOREVER.

Don’t misunderstand, I lurve good tattoos, I don’t have anything against them.

But if your tattoo is a fail, no matter how cool you may think it looks, I’m laughing at your picture online with relish and delight. Because if there’s one thing the internet does perfectly, it’s provide a forum to showcase nitwits.

Without Further Adieu, I give you: Hilarious Tattoo Fails..


DO YOU have a favorite ridiculous tattoo pic? Send it in, I’m always looking for hilarious tattoos and tattoo fails, I’m GUILTY OF TAKING PLEASURE out of laughing at them!!!!!!!!!

*By “Time to time” I mean almost all of the time. I’m  a living,  breathing tacky shrine to guilt and pleasure!


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