This guy makes G.I. Joe look like a wimp.


99% of the time spent at this clap-trap hobo parlor is for laffs, but every once in a while I do a serious post, we’ve all come to know as the After School Special.

Today I’d like to be serious for just a bit, and say: I love America and though she’s going through a tough time, she’s still pretty freakin’ awesome!

Love America or hate on it, we all owe debt to those who gave their lives to create, protect and build this great land. Because let’s face it, today while you stuff your face with BBQ and potato salad, there’s a brave soldier in the prime of his youth who will lose his life protecting your right to complain about politics, social issues, religion or whatever your beef with the USA is.

So for now, let’s drop the rampant apathy and rekindle the fuse of patriotism. No, not the patriotism that causes fat pepaws to sit out in tricorn hats hoping to catch a peek of Sarah Palin’s liberty cans. The kind that puts a lump in your throat when you see troops coming home and greeting their families.

 Speaking of our soldiers, I came across a really neat article today about the last Vietnam draftee retiring from his almost 40 year career in the military.

I’d like to think Sgt. Major Jeff Mellinger is the ultimate example of entering ANYTHING with a positive outlook. He was rewarded by finding exactly what his calling in life was, a career in the military.

He made the Army Rangers, he was one of the first dispatched to ground zero, and in Iraq, he was the  top enlisted soldier of the multi-national forces. What an amazing steward of history, and it all started by accepting a challenge with an open heart and a servant’s soul. I can’t think of any better way to honor this day of our country’s birth!

Happy Independence day, Everyone!

And just as an extree treat, here’s the original  news reel, God Bless America

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