Liberace is one of the MANY reasons America is so GREAT!

God bless HAIRmerica, legs that I love

I miss Jojo. She’s originally from wisconsin, so was Liberace, she’s way more fabulous. But she’s been on vacation for what feels like an eternity, so here’s a video for me. POLKA ALWAYS CHEERS ME UP!!!!!!

That being said, Jojo and cutie have graced us with another installment of Jojo and Baby on the gogo, a microblog within my blog!


Jojo and Baby on the Gogo

It will probably not surprise anyone to hear that Carson has fallen in L.O.V.E. with tractors on our little trip.

Northwest Wisconsin/Minnesota, where most of my extended family live, is gorgeous rolling green fields dotted with small, family owned farms, separated by some amazing wooded areas and adorable little towns and lakes, and ponds, and rivers, and streams… more clear, deep blue water than you can shake a stick at. It’s truly a beautiful place to visit or to live and raise a family.

It’s always a bittersweet time for me when we come back for a visit… I’m sad I had to grow up days away from all my extended family down in not-so-scenic Houston, Texas, and happy that my family left or I never would have met my husband or had this wonderful little boy. Who is now totally obsessed with tractors, partially thanks to his Uncle Mike, who got the “big tractor” out last night for my Biggie and his cousins. I’ve never seen this kid’s eyes so big.


Until Later! – Jojo

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