Greetings, 4th of July revelers!

Somebody should warn that kid his meatloaf is about to go KA-POW!!!!!!!!!

A fine Sunday to you and yours on this holiday weekend!!My hope is that you are all safe, un-sunburned, and having a great weekend.

Yesterday we met Baby Bro in the hill country for a day of fun with Angry Baby. Who, by the way was solid gold awesome! The only LOW point was eating a the crappiest BBQ joint ever, this weirdo place called “Peters” in Ellinger. I wanted to eat there because 1. It’s little more than a shack, which in Texas usually is equated to good eats. 2. We’ve passed it a zillion times on the way to Austin, and each time I loudly read out their slogan  which is embazoned on the side, ” Eat Where The Customer is King.”

We went, and guess what? The customer isn’t king, the customer isn’t even the prince, the CUSTOMER IS THE COURT JESTER.

You walk in, it’s this crowded line of customers snaked around an awkward little, tiny, space. They have no clue what is going on and neither do you!

Lids? Toothpicks? Napkins? Free Sliced Bread?  All typical spoils of a Texas BBQ shack, this place had none.

The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t  the best I’ve had even in the last few months. I read online a bunch of people singing this tourist trap’s praises and I can honestly say this: YOU HAVE NO TASTE (buds)! The sauce was the stuff nightmares are made of, it was sweet, bland and sparce. The dude collecting money was the worst, we went to pay and he just blankly looked at us. JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE STAFF AND CUSTOMERS.

The place was jam-packed with senior citizens, who if you know senior citizens, love to travel in packs, and when they travel in packs they get this, “I’m a SUPER CITIZEN get out of my way, EVERYONE ELSE, even though y’all were first in line, and there’s a baby on your hip.” It’s not only a sense of rudeness, it’s a sense of entitlement. And bully on them, they made this country great and have retired to enjoy the fruits of their years of backbreaking hard work and strong character…you’d think they’d be the happiest lugnuts this side of the pecos. But alas, nice elderly people in packs is something of Hollywood make-believe. Hmmm, I just got off topic a bit.

Anyway, I’m saddling up for a day of doing what Americans do better than anyone: LEISURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got a treat holiday Ghost Host Guest Post that was made in response to yesterday’s post, from none other than our own, Movie Dude!!!! And our latest installment of a microblog within a blog: Jojo and Baby on the gogo!

But for now, it’s all about relaxing. Livin’ it up, HOLIDAY STYLE!!!!!!!


The president of the Timberlake appreciation Society, just HAPPENED to be reading the blog while filling up RIGHT NEXT TO THE PLACE! So she snapped a pic and sent it in!

Here’s a photo of the joint so you can KNOW THE ENEMY!!!!

Avoid at all costs.

(Thanks, Leggs!)


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  1. That same evening, I went to another of your favorites, Chuy’s!
    Of course, it was the original location, around the corner from my apt.


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