Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: Lee Greenwood…the Music Video


This is his sexy face.

So I was reading the Crib Keeper’s post on Mr. Greenwood yesterday and I decided to saunter over to youtube and see if there was actually a video made.  I don’t mean a slideshow of your sunburned family with sparklers down by the river…I mean something that has a little production value and included ‘ol Lee himself.  Below is what I found. 


I know I’ve been asked to review movies on this site and I promise I’ll get back to that…just as soon as I review this music video, that is.

Before even the first bar is over you see LG pull up on a tractor as the sun sets, stare pensively at his hands and begins his American classic.  You are left with the sense that Lee works this very land with his own two hands.  With maybe some help from his children and his wife.  (He’s been married 4 times). 

Greenwood started as a “pop” singer with a band called Apollo which was later renamed the Lee Greenwood Affair.  I wonder if that says anything about all those wives.  Anyway, they mostly played in Vegas where he was later a blackjack dealer when the band broke up.  He got into country in 81. 

So back to the video…..he comes in from workin’ the fields to what vaguely looks like Thanksgiving dinner (complete with Vets!).  Then we get a flyover/ time lapse supposedly of the areas he mentions in the song.  Then it’s back to the table and grace is done!  Pass the grits!  Everyone at the table joins in before memaw pulls out the old photo album full of war-fightin heroes the family is no-doubt known for. 

Of course we gotta get a little statue of liberty in before the song ends…and also an overlaid flag that fades out over Lee drivin’ his American made truck away. 

For those of you interested I have a special treat.  Here’s the Lee Greenwood Affairs rousing rendition of Think It Over.  What is he going for here?  Tom Jones meets Donny Osmond? 

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