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Happy FRIDAY Boils and Ghouls! It’s almost AMERICA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s delare our independence from boredom, style! The greatest nation ever is celebrating its INDEPENDENCE DAY this weekend, and in AMERICA’s honor, I’m bringing you only the finest patriotic gems!

This weekend is all about, apple pie, firework displays, BBQ, and HONORING THIS GREAT LAND!

Hate the way government is going? Disgusted by America’s fast-food wolfing down ways? Not this weekend, this weekend WE ALL LOVE THE USA!

here’s a VERY SPECIAL presentation from Sam the Eagle.

And here’s an important announcement about conservation:  

And Sam sings an Ode to the “American Woman!”


America was the Original ANGRY BABY! And here’s to us telling our former dad, King George III: to “suck it!” YAY REBELLION!!!!!!!!!*

Happy Friday, Lots’s of Love and Baby Puke from me to you! STRAIGHT FROM THE VAULT, aka MY HEART! USA USA USA USA USA!!!!

here’s a Bonus Sam the Eagle footage, one of my favorites!

Love Mac the Knife!

*Except for when it’s YOUR child, and in that case BOOO REBELLION, always listen to your parents!

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