It’s Blog o’ the Week time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it up, chumps!

I’m gonna be real with ya, I was too busy to really single out a blog to profile last week. Listen, believe it or not, this clap-trap hobo parlor has standards, and I’m not just going to send you to a blog for the sake of having a blog of the week. When I don’t have the time, I won’t waste YOURS.

 But THIS week is different!

I am proud to say to you once again: IT’S TIME FOR BLOG o’ THE Week!

This blog, I must confess, is from a pal of mine. She and I were both English/Lit majors and rocked the HAIL outta our senior english class together!

Meet Wondermother…

Welcome, Wondermother!

As a fellow MOMGYVER, she’s the mother of a sweet little boy, and a child of the 80’s.

This talented lady is schooling her son in all the important things in life, among those things, she’s sharing her LOVE OF JIM HENSON AND THE MUPPETS!

 Wondermother isn’t just shaping a beautiful son, as an educator, SHE’S SHAPING THE YOUTH OF TODAY! In short, this lady is cooler than Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds!

 Right now she is on vacation with her beautiful family, luckily for her blog readers, she’s updating frequently, why it’s almost like the reader is on vacation with her! So stop by and check her blog out, and say HI! You’ll be entertained and might even LEARN something!

C’mon! What are you wasting your time here for? I’ll be here when you get back!

This goes out to all my teachers!!!!

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