Conan finally has words to his theme music!!!!

Moustache Monday 2, gone but not forgotten.

Look, it’s just too beautiful and FUN today to be cooped up jamming out the ha-ha’s. Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby and El Rey have booked a last-minute holiday getaway to….our backyard!!!!!!

I’m quitting this snitch for now, and hitting the swim with my babies. I know you will miss me, but fear not BRAVE YOUNG WARRIORS, grouchymuffin has over 300 posts, so there’s plenty of you to read and catch up on.

Ah, I can feel the warm tropical breezes calling me. (Angry Baby is blowing raspberries.)

In the mean time, Conan hired “Weird Al” to write lyrics to his Show’s theme…it’s hilarious. Enjoy!!! And look around while you’re at it!

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