Thank you, Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Don't Mess With Houston, Texas (or NYC or Nawlins)

It’s no mystery I’ve been down in the dumps today. Well, thanks to the judgmental jerks at Travel and Leisure Magazine, things are looking up. WAY UP!

You see, my 3 most favorite cities IN THE WORLD, New York, New Orleans, and H-TOWN, are all DIRRRRRRRRTY according to the drunks at Travel and Leisure.

THANK YOU! Travel and Leisure, for finally giving skanks like readers some recognition. You see, the sickos  people at Travel and Leisure watched in the bushes observed, gathered info and other crap…and came up with the list of “America’s Dirtiest Cities.”

Is it any coincidence my 3 favorite cities are filthy as the wad of gum on the ground in a barnyard stable? Not at all!!!

THIS skank knows a good city to stroll in, when she visits it!

Mama’s got a tube of chap stick and she’s gonna visit every one of those cities soon and act like it’s fleet week 2011 all over again. (see Fleetweek 2011 post) Afterall the Big EASY is #1

I’m sorry, what’s that you say?

 “HAY Crib Keeper: They didn’t mean the skaniest, filithiest dirtiest in the FUN way, they meant cleanliness wise.” 


Well, that’s not nearly as exciting.

Who the heck are the people at Travel and Leisure anyway!? I mean really, WHAT DO THEY KNOW??

Let’s face it: these people jet-set the world for a living and probably speak with that hey-i’ve-got-more-money-than-God fake British Accent. I imagine that the staff all dress like a summer Chico’s catalog every day, year round.

I demand a recount. Houston should be #1



P.S:  I’m THRILLED TO REPORT this ho’s ho-hums have been given the heave-ho!

 Lover fo’ life is coming home early from the office today, AND is off until TUESDAY! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO yay for meeeeeeeeeee booo for everyone else who’s not me!

JACKPOT! (Angry baby unavailable for photo)

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