Wimbledon’t ever change. Please.


Thank you Wimbledon, who knew Angry Baby was such a fan? A quiet, not yelling, intently-watching fan.

All week, at 10:00am my ANGEL OF THE MORNING, Kathie Lee Gifford, has been kicked to the curb in lieu of people hittin’ balls and grunting, No, I’m not talking about MTV’s Jackass (RIP Ryan Dunn)…I’m referring to Wimbledon.

As if to define the term, “silver lining,” Angry Baby LOVES watching tennis! She quietly follows the ball, giggles at the grunts and DOESN’T SCREAM AS LONG AS IT’S ON!!! Even better, today she was lulled to sleep by it!

Sorry Kathie Lee Gifford and America, we’re going to need to recreate this sweet, blissful week of coverage, FOREVER.

Cancel all NBC shows from 10am-Noon and just show us people hittin’ balls and grunting. Actually, show the ANGRY BABIES that, we’ll be away from the TV enjoying a quick moment to do something decadent and SELFISH like: use the bathroom, clean the vomit off of our neck, cram a honey bun in your pie hole, (for the ONLY MEAL you’ll be getting during sunlight.)

Sure, it will be murder on your ratings for the rest of the demographic, but honestly NBC, no one was watching you anyway. And now the Voice, ends tonight, so technically all you’ve got is Jay Leno’s chin.

Better yet NBC, now that Cee Lo is no longer on your Prime-time weekly playlist, you  might as well switch to showing tennis 24-7.

In honor of Angry Baby’s newfound love for tennis, here’s some golden age-tennis footage:

Martina and Chris  (LURVE THEM BOTH!)



PS This one’s for my Aunt, Snark in the City…she’s a big Rafa fan. SPEEDY RECOVERY! Fleet Week 2011 missed you!!!

I'll carry you to your walk-up, 'Drah...Love, Rafa.


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  1. You don’t know the half of it. It was that raging mac attack that got me into this “sport” to begin with!

    Rafael ruuuuuuuuuuules!

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