The Best Kid Rapper in the WORLD! Alternate title: You’re Welcome.

Kriss Kross just got totally crossed off the list of best KID RAPPER!

Earlier today, I posted a video of a little boy making his shot at glory. I compared his hunger for fame to that of Eminem. My brother, immediately sent me over the following vid. He called it: “THE GREATEST VIDEO HE’D EVER SHARED.” And now, I give it to you. Let’s PROPERLY bust out this HUMP DAY afternoon and shimmy on home. Let the words and rhymes this mad skilled rapper throws at you drop knowledge AND make your feet dance for the remainder of the day.

Let the heat of these FRESH HOT RHYMES flow through ya mind and educate your soul. This boy has it all!

Real Talk: I wish I were the AWESOME Emcee introducing this young MC! She’s perfection!!! PS: This song will never leave your brain.

Nice Jams Huh? Aren’t you glad I could get those sweet rhymes in yer minds!? YOU DON’T HAVE TO THANK ME! I live to steal kids lunch money make you smile!

In the interest of full disclosure: my baby bro wanted to be a “Kid Rapper,” when he was a boy. It was adorable until he insisted on rapping for every friend I brought home. He really thought he was going to pick up the torch, where KRIS-KROSS left off!!!!

Ever the supportive big sis, I immediately became his “manager” and booked gigs for him, by gigs I mean: He would sing in his underwear on the fireplace hearth, and we would act like he was the second coming of Vanilla Ice. One time I made a banner for a “gig,” and I mispelled rapper, I left out a “p”!

 I’m not going to spell it out, because HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS what kind of CREEPS I would get on my site if I typed the word out. You’ll just have to picture RAPPER without the extra p in it.

You can imagine my parents horror when they were treated to a banner AND a living room performance by “The Best KID Rap*er in the world!”

To My Baby Bro, who now is a big-time professional musician…It all started with you in your underwear.


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